Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy weekend coming up!

It is technically already Saturday here, but I haven't been to sleep yet, so Saturday for me hasn't started yet. I have a full weekend of plans! I was originally going to go yard sale-ing, but I have too much to do and I really don't "need" anything. Tomorrow my goal is to make good progress on the soon-to-be craft and sewing room. Currently it is the toy room, but my younger daughter no longer uses it because it is a mess! Yes I could help her clean it, but it really needs a make over and a daily purpose. So, first I'm going to clean out what is there. Hopefully we can get rid of A LOT of it! My plan is to use the Saginaw table to hold the machines and my serger so they are always ready to use. I have never really used my serger because I purchased it second hand and I was never able to figure out how to make it work. I got a beautiful 3 drawer piece of furniture at a yard sale this morning for $15 and I'm excited about using it in the new sewing room. I haven't decided yet how to use it, but it is a beautiful piece. I will post pictures, hopefully tomorrow. The room already has a bar (we actually don't drink, it came with the house) that is great to use as a cutting table. I also have a beautiful china hutch that a neighbor gave me that I use to store fabric. The room also has a fireplace that is wonderful in the winter time! Lighting is a problem, but maybe we can find a solution to that. I hope everyone has a great crafty weekend!

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