Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful New Month!

It's November and time is running out to work on Christmas gifts. Last year we did a completely "home-made Christmas" and that is the plan again this year. I have plenty of ideas, it's time that I'm limited on! Today my older daughter is sick and I'm starting to sneeze and cough....again. It is hard to work on projects when you aren't feeling well. I have spent the last several days doing research on the history of ornaments in the United States. The earliest ornaments were real fruit and nuts, mostly apples and then after that came the glass ornaments. Since I don't have the ability to make glass ornaments I'm thinking of ideas on making apple ornaments. They would need to be made with supplies that I already have here and they would need to be small so they are inexpensive to send as gifts. I'm thinking of making fabric apples filled with something pretty smelling....just haven't figured out that last part yet.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!

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