Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clutter be gone!

I have a book by that title, but I think the book just adds to my clutter! I have read it and other books about eliminating clutter, but so far they haven't helped. Today, however, I realized how much my clutter is stealing from me. I would love to sew, haven't sewn in a while, but I can't, because clutter is keeping me from my sewing machine, it is keeping me from doing other things I enjoy, and it is stealing my precious space. I'm so happy with our new school room, I'm inspired to get the rest of our home looking like this. There is no clutter in here, plenty of space to move around, and a nice fresh clean feeling (but that might just be the green color). I have always assumed that I would live to 80 and have plenty of time to enjoy my life and do the things that make me happy, but life is short, there are no guarantees. A 42 year old woman died recently leaving 11 children, the youngest born over the summer. It just breaks my heart. After giving birth to her 11th child they found out she had cancer and by that time there was nothing they could do.

One of my biggest problems is what to do with the stuff I don't want. I can't deal with freecycle or craigslist anymore! Too much stress! I would like to have someone come pick it all up when I have enough boxes, but all the thrift shops in my area require that you have furniture in order to have them pick up and sadly we don't have any extra furniture. I guess I just need to box it up, fill the car and take it there myself. I don't know why that is so hard for me.

My mother is another issue, she is a hoarder and she can't stand for me to give anything away that she feels is worth money. I had some things stored in her garage and she asked me to clean them out, I went there and tried to throw almost all of it away, she pulled everything back out of the trash and said "hey we can get a quarter for this at the yard sale" nothing was accomplished there and she hasn't sold a thing! I was on the phone with her last night, she is planning on coming here on Saturday to look through all the things I'm giving away, and I know she is going to cart most of it home...the problem? When she goes into a nursing home, retirement home, or to live with Jesus, I'm the one that has to clean out her house. So I'll be stuck dealing with all the same clutter I already dealt with! I have tried to tell her that she doesn't need it and not to worry, but that only leads to more stress.

Today I'm going to tackle some of the boxes that left this room (the school room) and have no where to live. We don't have an attic and our basement takes in water, so if something doesn't have a "home" out it goes! Off to tackle the books!

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