Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little bird

I'm very excited. My birdhouse went ignored by the birds for a few days. They actually started to nest in a birdhouse that I'm repairing that was sitting on the grill, so I quickly went out there and put the birdhouse away because I don't want them to have babies and then abandon them because we go out to use the grill. I am sitting here checking email and I hear some noises at the seems that a little bird has decided that the house is for her!!!! I have a cover on the house right now until she gets comfortable with us watching her, so I can't see for sure, but I'm hearing what sounds like the dropping of twigs into the house. I will wait a few days before removing the black came with the house to attach to the inside of the window to cover the see-through back of the birdhouse.

Here is a picture I took a few days ago, you can actually see the house I'm repairing to the left of the birdhouse, sitting on the grill....


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