Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So excited!

There may be a huge adjustment at my house, nothing is for certain yet, but changes could be happening. As I am preparing for whatever the future might hold, I'm working on my house. Today after school with the girls, errands, and some work, I went about cleaning up the living room. I have long wanted to add some type of runner to the DVD shelving. Today a thought came to me. The living room isn't finished, the walls need painting, new drapes are long over due, but the general "theme" in the room is Lighthouses and blue. My hope is to one day paint the walls with a beautiful blue color and then put in white beadboard going around the lower part of the room. Very nautical! My idea for a runner is to make flags using the nautical alphabet! I'm very excited about this idea. Here is what the nautical alphabet looks like... Nautical Alphabet I'm going to use the letters to spell out things like our last name. There are three shevles so I'm trying to decide what else I might say. I'm thinking for two shelves have each of my daughters' names and for the last shelf use our last name. Our last name has 5 letters and both girls have 4 letters, so I might add something special to the end of theirs so all shelves have 5 flags. Oh I'm so excited, now to pick out some fabric from my stash!

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