Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard sale fun!

I don't go often, but when I do I have a blast! Today my hubby woke me up early and asked if I wanted to go to yard sales. At first I was reluctant to give up my cozy spot in bed, but I did get up and once the girls were dressed we were out the door! We didn't have a map, a list of sales, or a destination, we just drove and when we saw a sign we went! I had a few exciting finds today. One is a beautiful picture frame with double mat. It came with a cross stitch of Noah's Ark inside, which was beautiful, and cost $2! I really like the cross stitched piece, but it doesn't have a place in my house. I pulled it out and pulled out my stack of "to be framed" cross stitch pieces (some date back to 1998) and found the perfect fit for the frame! It looks like the mat and frame were custom made for this piece. I am thrilled at how great it looks and disappointed that I don't have two. I made each of my girls the same cross stitch finish with their name at the bottom. I framed my older daughter's and hopefully will one day find another frame for my younger daughter.

Another exciting find was fabric! This stack of fabric was $2.75! I really like the Turkey fabric!!!

I also got a holder for my ironing board and iron that mounts to the wall, something I have long wanted for 25 cents.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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  1. I love yardsaling. My husband and I go nearly every Saturday in the summer. Great blog. I'm following you now, from Mom bloggers...