Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What inspires us

Today is my first "at home" day in a long time. Since I started working full-time an entire day where I stay at home is rare. I wish I could say I have been very productive and everything that needed my attention is caught up, but sadly it isn't. I spent the morning on business calls. It was productive, but my list is far longer than business calls. Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she had these beautiful pictures posted of her new sewing room. I thought I would love to do that here, but there is just no room. Then I thought about the man in Hong Kong that has only 330 sq feet and he has done amazing things with it. So I am inspired to turn our toy/fabric storage/storage whatever room into a beautiful crafting space for my girls and myself. I had originally thought since I would be home all day today that today was a perfect day to start this project, but it is already afternoon and there is still more pressing things that need my attention. I know I'm more likely to accomplish a task if more people know about my announcement to the worldwideweb is by the end of May I will have pictures of a beautiful finished crafting room! If I come up with any creative ideas I will be sure to share step by step how I did it.

Hope you find something today that inspires you!

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