Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where have the "thank you" notes gone?

I'm just as guilty as the next person and I am sad to say I don't always find the time to create and write a thank you note. There was a time when thank you notes were always sent and they were always appreciated. So many times I send gifts and never hear anything, no thank you note, no phone call, not even an email. I often wonder....did they receive the gift, did they like it, was it the right color? Occasionally I will receive a thank you in an email, but there is just something so nice about getting a card in the mail. Is this custom gone forever? Will children born today ever even see a thank you note? There are many great things that progress has brought us....better medicines, more ways to communicate, resources to learn a great number of things and so much more.....but progress has taken some things from us as well. But how do we reclaim the past where family always came first, respect was given, and thank you notes were sent? I don't know, but tomorrow is a new day and even though I have two children to get to 3 different activities, 2 appointments (1 being an hour away), 3 meals to serve, laundry to do, and clients to call I will find the time to create some thank you cards, ready to send the next time one is needed. For all those who do write thank you notes and teach your children to do the same, thank you for keeping that wonderful traditional alive!

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  1. A very interesting text and point of view. I agree with you even if I have to admit I don't send a lot of cards and letters by mail anymore... Mu